Hyles-Anderson College

Hyles-Anderson College wanted to change their web presence from a static one to a completely dynamic one. They’d previously not been taking advantage of the web’s newer technologies, like blogging and social media. What they needed was a site that allowed easy content authoring by a group of staff editors & contributors. I helped them build just that, and helped their staff become proficient in using their new system. They also began using Twitter, and started getting their staff and faculty to use the service as well. Today, they enjoy a beautiful web presence, where everything is dynamic and easy to update. The site features a rich media experience, social media integration, and several blogs — all on a single site. The staff have really taken to the new site editing system, and have actually become quite creative in their use of it. It’s a great example of empowering the people of an organization to get the word out, and to do so in an rich, attractive, interactive manner that represents them in a first-class way.