My name is Justin Lowery, and I’m a passionate web and media designer working in sunny Southern California.
Justin and his wife, Erica
What I Do

If your stuff isn't absolutely awesome, people won't even notice you exist. I help make you look great. When your stuff is great, people notice, and you see results. It's that simple.

But there's so much more to it than design. That's where consulting and partnerships come in. I provide short and long-term consulting in web strategy, product design, user experience and marketing to clients from all over the world in a wide variety of industries. I can help you figure out what do create, how to design it, and who to sell it to. I'm also available to help with the weekly decisions in running a successful long-term web strategy.


I've been doing design and development work since middle school. I've been a staff designer, creative director, freelance designer & consultant. But who cares about that? What really matters is, I've spent the last decade inhaling information and ideas, immersing myself in the world of tech and design, and perfecting my craft. I eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff, and stay on the bleeding edge of the web so you don't have to. Hire me and you benefit from this crazy obsession. It's that simple.


I do just about everything, but spend the most time doing front end CMS theming and customization for WordPress and other Content Management Systems. I'm fluent in the code languages of the modern web and know most modern design software well enough to use it in my sleep (sometimes literally!). I live in CSS3, HTML5, Photoshop and Illustrator. I use and love a Mac, iPhone & iPad, and make one heck of a delicious cup of french-pressed coffee.

Massive Logo

Got the need for speed? I can make your site faster and more reliable, or fix it if it's broken. I can get you better results on Google, or set you up on Facebook with a custom page or ad campaign. Need a lead generation or registration form? I do those too. Just need a landing page? What about a simple product or service brochure site? Just email me. I also create fantastic logos & identities that'll make you look first-rate. My expertise also includes print design, video ad design, motion graphics design, and photography.


I strive to deliver only the highest quality work, and work constantly to improve and polish my design and development and strategy skills. I give my clients excellent quality work, and charge very reasonably and appropriately for it. I enjoy working with clients who appreciate taste and quality, and who trust me to do my best work and appreciate the resulting product. I've been working with many of my clients for many years. They seem to like my work. You probably will too.


I require a percentage up front, and the remaining amount to be paid during completion. For large projects, we often break the cost into smaller pieces, delivered over time until the project is done. Most web projects can be completed in 4-8 weeks, depending on scale and complexity. Long-term and very large projects can be done on longer timeframes. I've handled contracts anywhere from 1-12 months in duration. I accept PayPal, personal and business checks, direct credit and debit card payments via Square, & cash for local transactions.


I can build a timeline to fit your project and your budget. Sometimes this means a week, other times it means 6 months or a year. Let me know what works best for your needs. Longer contracts are available for even bigger projects, or if maintenance or training are required. For minor updates or repairs to an existing site, contact me with details for an estimate.


Projects can vary anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars in price. It all depends on the size and scope of your project, what your timeframe is, and what your needs are. Logos & small sites fall in the low end of that range, while large corporate or organizational sites are in the higher end. All projects are different, as are all clients, so please contact me right away if you have a project you'd like to discuss.

What Next?

How can I help you succeed? Contact me right now for a fast, free initial consultation or estimate.

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